Sunday, April 25, 2010

The biggest ability admired

The biggest ability admired
(myself to my team)

The biggest ability admired in any organization is getting work done.
This being extremely rare and hence most valued work ability.
There are hordes of people we can find who can do the work but poor at getting work done.

Getting work done is people and planning skill.

Unfortunately we have no subordinates further in a small team like ours.
Nor we have enough years of work experience to get direct subordinates.

Hence we role play subordinates for each others.
But, we must give highest consideration to recruitments” (i.e. delegation or outsourcing) as we practice.

I had spent 3 years figuring out, to whom I delegate my work to, when no coding further was mandated.
Wondering how hell I am supposed to delegate, when there was no team.
I did both roles and on top also was outsourced by other peer teams.
Most of time I was at receiving end of work, that I should have had not done.
And doing so would have definitely boosted my effectiveness in “my work”.

Look around there are enough opportunities to outsource to peer teams, like content, MARCOM for data, QA, testing and other.

Department productivity soared when we had built work champions like you, who can drive deliveries like managersother teams struggle to do.

Investing in resource building, who can take execution, is required for every employer.

It is your job to find Solution (FLS 11 Sept 09) is what every employer wants from employee.
Focus on this yourself. Implement this for subordinate resource too.
We are organizations within us, CEO of our own work life.

At times most of such thoughts are clearly expressed repeatedly with you all.
It had been so descending all the times at all levels.