Sunday, December 3, 2017

The state leaders not afraid, but often is the reason to lead

With leadership as you go up, there is constant pressure.

The pressure is to perform, something against the adversities of most tough things, to achieve something which at that level existence is too much challenging. 

The state of this pressure only intensifies as you become more responsible and influential.

This pressure is perhaps constant since you started taking control of your own affairs.

It is state of 
"worst situation to be in,... without any hint of how to get out successfully"
"वाट लगी है,... मालूम नही कैसे करेंगे"

Every leader has to make harmony with this state and keep proceeding without losing focus on the Goal.

This is the constant state rather further intensifying.

When you are giving a board exam or a general certificate exam, it is there, the night before the exam.

"वाट लगी है,... मालूम नही कैसे करेंगे"

Stop feeling uncomfortable about this state. It is not going anywhere. Only by accepting it, you can get control over it. 

Relax and think "what can be done now?". 
You still don't know how to overcome the situation, but you don't leave your battle.

It is the state of pressure you have to meet every day.
Your every aspect is in this state. Yourself, your loved ones, your community, the system, the nation, the humanity... all are in the same state.

Stick to the stage and keep acting.

Never stop paddling because the storm is too stronger force than you could. 

Your small efforts focused on goal will take you there. 
"How" is not decidable in the first place. 
So calm down.

Cowards always want "How?" resolved first.
Sometimes it is a voyage, that must be kept going.
This is jump without parachute thing, you will be dead anyway.

Leadership is dealing with this state of pressure "वाट लगी है,... मालूम नही कैसे करेंगे"

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Businesses and High IQ executives often forget this

Businesses and High IQ executives often forget this.

Cash inflow vs outflow is most important metric than anything else, for a long term sustained healthy future while being conforming to social greater good and ethical discipline.

Having too many micro metrics can often take our eyes off the future cash inflow metric.

Planning, innovating, working and sacrifice today is only for brighter future cash inflow.

Not starting with cash flow metric, is a symptom of defocus taking over to kill, in a high wire performance tracking board meetings.

Every action in the organization is for sustainable today and brighter tomorrow.
High IQ executives often device dozens of performance indicators. Their analytical madness often finds intellectual entertainment in discussing numbers. That's good, provided they first focus on the most significant single parameter that influences market share or valuation or direct revenue or profitability, the cash inflow now and in future.

Surprised? but many organizations close down because owners and executives follow their own beliefs of improvement parameters than a simple cash inflow today and in future thing. Completely lost in their fifty odd meaningless parameters.

Any other metrics without this are entertainment invented by management and CXOs for themselves.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

What takes Organization and Civilizations down

People want to make you and everyone in the company busy 
because they don't know "What exactly should be done now", 
instead they want to "try everything". 

Be on high alert for such people
they take Organization and Civilizations down