Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Businesses and High IQ executives often forget this

Businesses and High IQ executives often forget this.

Cash inflow vs outflow is most important metric than anything else, for a long term sustained healthy future while being conforming to social greater good and ethical discipline.

Having too many micro metrics can often take our eyes off the future cash inflow metric.

Planning, innovating, working and sacrifice today is only for brighter future cash inflow.

Not starting with cash flow metric, is a symptom of defocus taking over to kill, in a high wire performance tracking board meetings.

Every action in the organization is for sustainable today and brighter tomorrow.
High IQ executives often device dozens of performance indicators. Their analytical madness often finds intellectual entertainment in discussing numbers. That's good, provided they first focus on the most significant single parameter that influences market share or valuation or direct revenue or profitability, the cash inflow now and in future.

Surprised? but many organizations close down because owners and executives follow their own beliefs of improvement parameters than a simple cash inflow today and in future thing. Completely lost in their fifty odd meaningless parameters.

Any other metrics without this are entertainment invented by management and CXOs for themselves.

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