Sunday, June 27, 2010

Technical interview taker’s Syndromes

Technical interview taker’s Syndromes

“Need to Defeat” Syndrome
I must beat you on at least one question

“I was stuck up here” Syndrome
Asking the question where you were stuck up big way
Not everyone will be in your situation

“Only I know this” Syndrome
Item other than “Generally Known”, most of the times the “WOW” thing

“Exact Verbatim” Syndrome
Expecting exact words or terminology being used from the book or article you had read

“You can’t be better than me” Syndrome
Treating the candidate with the though that he can be better than me, so what the great point is he making? I am the interview taker.

“Threat Perception” Syndrome
Perceiving the candidate if accepted can be position threat by interview taker

“High Standards” Syndrome
Expecting notoriously high standard of candidate in his abilities

“Collage Questions” Syndrome
In a way challenging that he had moved towards a professional level after he had doe with his collage studies

“Emotional Acceptance” Syndrome
Accepting candidate considering his situation or recruiting just because is personality had appealed

“Just Like Me” Syndrome
Choosing personalities who are like you,
you like introverts / extroverts so recruiting them,
you like male / female to work with in comfort hence recruiting them,
Or even common attributes of any types

“I must ask about everything” Syndrome
Asking on Aptitude, then on abstract, then on design, then on database, then on java, then on J2EE, then on Project Management, then on Frameworks, then a program writing,…

“No breaks car” Syndrome
Once interview started, can only be finished after 1 ½ hr. As if it is an OCD. Knowing that candidate is not suitable in 10th miniature, still continuing with 1 ½ hr course.

As interview Technical takers gain experience, these Syndromes fed away as signs of maturity.