Saturday, July 31, 2010

As we think

As we think, work reduces

As we think, work reduces.
Why don’t we think?
Because we have to complete the work,
We can do that by doing it, and not by thinking.

Thinking process validates,
Why something needs to be done.
5 times? good practice.

What is appropriate,
to achieve the “intent” behind the work?

What is conflict in needs,
that skewed the requirements,
making main goal de-focused.

Deep inside business requirements are simple.
The derived means to attend requirements are skewed at every hop.

Time commitment stops us thinking. 
Pressure makes it worst.

Left Brain
Systematic thinking shall deduce the things to its simple form.
If not, non productive emotions dominate,
confusion, blankness suspends further analytical process.

Unanswered “How to?”, “Why did”, “What is”...
are analytical paralysis triggers.

Unanswered questions due to unresolved logical consistency,
block the brain.

Mind can only recover with strong emotions, often negative,
still can not solve the problem further.

Right Brain
Creative options provide multiple simple solutions.
Under constraints, creativity shines,
if not, negative emotions take over,
locking left brain further.

Why don’t we face similar problems while playing video games?
Why don’t we fail blocked?
Because we enjoy.

The critical thing about problem solving and work is to enjoy,
as if you are playing a Video Game.

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