Thursday, September 30, 2010



Operate to your discomfort zone else you will become loafing
- (a candidate)
Tuesday, 6 Jun, 2010, during interview

Operate to your discomfort level
Getting to comfort zone will make you relaxed and fade you soon

Discomfort is unavoidable
Choose it often
Extinguish the fire when it is small, take yourself to discomfort

Good leaders
choose discomfort zone as it gives them challenge and chance to raise their competency

Degree of discomfort can be chosen
Capacity to take up higher discomfort can be raised
Capacity to expose longer to discomfort can be built
Only by taking onto discomfort

Raise the bar each time and attempt is frequently

Competency raising will always demand working on edge to enter the discomfort zone

Under survival competition
Operate to comfort zone, as it is time to deliver
Too much discomfort and more you exposed to the risk

Good leaders
raise their capacity to handle high degree of discomfort
specially when there is no competition

Good leaders
often choose to toggle from comfort to discomfort as needed
Discomfort can strain you, when exposed elongated
You must raise habit of exposing to discomfort
and sustain  longer

Discomfort becomes ease as your competency is built soon,
as you conqueror limitations of yourself, things get to ease for you

Why discomfort zone operation is required?
to raise you competency

Remember, shark in the tank!
challenge keep your competency shined

There are many choices to choose discomfort
Carefully choose discomfort that will take you to the right goal
Choose the goal first, every thing else is a means
Do not get married to the means, but to the goal

Revisit you goal often to detail it more, refine it further

Remember focused action will take you there

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