Sunday, February 27, 2011

What is your creativity style?

What is your creativity style?
Breakers, Makers, Takers or Critiques

Some people are first hand innovators
They can get you things coming out of thin air
They provide breakthrough thinking and lateral thinking
They often provide fundamental and simple solutions
Rare species

Some are good as improvisers (2nd hand innovators)
Primary expertise of them is making thing even better
They need creative inputs to start on producing creative contribution
Good for extending an idea further
Creativity is often tied to moods
Good for guided thinking and guided creativity
Organizations are benefited by these ones

Some are creativity consumers or idea assemblers
They do mixing and combining till they get better results
Strength is in formulation of new ways those can be simple combinations
Ideas are like Lego bricks in their hands
Most practical way of solving problems
Organizations have them find solutions by keeping experimentations get going

Some are not creative but simply rational
They need ideas to be presented to them and they can rate or ask directed questions, often negative
Their strength is to as questions to rationalize what had to be evaluated
Logical consequence is more important than sake of being creative
Take them seriously, nothing shall pass OK without they had chance to comment
Do not put them on creative fronts as they can be creativity killers to other style types

And which one you are?
You can be an individual, a product marketer or a business entity
But Breakers, Makers, Takers or Critiques

You can rarely be more than one as primary style, 
You may exhibit and exploit all styles but naturally good at only one
Having all style of mix in a team is required to keep balance

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  1. Amazing thing sir.
    There are very few who are good at categorizing things
    And when it comes to this kind of level, only 1 out of few can do that.
    Really an amazing insight.