Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Generic Patterns of Competence Maturity

The Generic Patterns of Competence Maturity
applicable to all faculties

Level 1: Naïve entrant 
Entrant to field, learning
Needs assistance and introduction to concept
Learns how he needs to grow beyond his commonsense
Gaps in domain knowledge
“Exploration and excitement” governs them

Level 2: Inflater Able to model complexity
Works hard on improving his ability to conceive complexity and define it
Enjoys doing more, source of accidental complexity
“More is better” is thought that governs them

Level 3: Professional Has good knowledge in specific domain
Seeks how much complexity shall be delivered
Focus on how things can be practical
Emphasis is on avoiding accidental complexity
Often has limited domain knowledge, typically one of its kinds, limited scenarios
Has a good training abilities, can help train people or customers
“Will this work?” is what governs their head
“Older teens”

Level 4: Expert or consultant Has business focus
Has ability to diagnose business problem and apply domain knowledge effectively
Expert has domain knowledge applicable in multiple scenarios of industry, situation, application, practice, law, etc.
Has a strong mentoring ability, he can setup departments easily, can win customers effectively
“Avoid attractive nonsense” is where they have to spend energy outward

Level 5: Premier 
Has ability to setup business by applying peoples of required skills and knowledge
Business account holder, responsible for PL of a unit
“It is business” is the focus they never loose

A case with Business Analysts (problems with most Analysts):

Most of them are at Level 2 of career, “the inflator”.
Most featurism comes from them.
Causing non linear explosion of complexity and efforts required to engineer.

A case with Software Designers (problems with most Designers):
Most of them are at Level 2 of career, “the inflator”.
Most technical fashion victims come from them.
Causing mixed and buzzword technologies used in the product. 

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