Sunday, February 7, 2010

My holy bible of "I"

My holy bible of "I"

I am introvert
I avoid talking to others unnecessarily, I avoid people
I feel offended with unnecessary hand shake or touching
I do not look much into others eyes

When given a choice I prefer to involve in lonely activities

I am expressive
I talk too much with people from my inner circle; sure they have enough of me
Keeping things in mind is punishing to me, transparency is my way
I like sorting out conflicts by direct confrontation

I am left brainier
I am Verbal, Logical and Analytical in nature
I have difficulty remembering people’s name
I have difficulty remembering roads and understanding direction on first visit

I am good at expressing thoughts in precise language
I am good at getting unstructured and unshaped thoughts cross threshold of mind to realize expressing it

I seek not to do many things at once but a few things significantly

Emotional correlation to left brain
I have great appetite and patients for all offenses against me
*But* I have difficulty swallowing irrational things
When presented with logical irrationality, emotion of anger takes over

Focus and concentration
I can focus very well under noisy conditions too

I am irritated by repeated distraction while being focused, distraction that generally require me to respond or require switch my focus repeatedly

I can isolate myself from parsing “meaning” in the speech even it is loud; this is great key to focus or cutout noise

I am not fanatic about music
It is difficult for me to focus on song lyrics and music

Music is perceived as torture in most cases, long exposure to music or songs is devastating to mind
I often survive this by selective filtering it out as mentioned earlier
I hate singing in mind also, I seek quite mind
I do like music or songs only on a few occasions

Learning style
I am good listener
I am average reader
I am bad writer

My learning’s are temporal, slow and significant

Memorization style
I have strong episodic memory
I can recall things as sequence of events as they happened
I often replay any event as a sequence in the mind to recall it later
I can recall things in time domain as my mind can process temporal information better
This particularly is left brain capability (Sequential learner)
Sequential or episodic abilities also indicate my mind works on differential of two successive states better

I have been some times criticized about being almost historian by expressing a complete track of “how we came to this point here, now” for most of situations
I am not very good at pushing too many things simultaneously in my mind

I am often criticized and valued for remembering too many and too disparate things
I am often criticized as being encyclopedia of things

I have strong attribute association style of memory
I can describe some thing in details and every thing about it, but not able to recollect its name

My episodic abilities might have been developed because of differential association of states of a sequence

Feeling associated with memorization
“Excitement” is ultimate “feeling” associated with my memorization
I live for “wow” pulse addiction of my brain
Whatever I find exciting, get registered in my mind forever and can be recalled instantly
Intellectual and unbelievable facts excite me; I often easily recall such things

Senses involved in memorization
Visual mainly
I see things as happening in my head space most of the times

Emotions and motivation
“Excitement” is my primary style of motivation, same I use effectively to others

I often enter into panic mode; this is grate fuel of my hyper activation

I hate repeating orders second time

I hate logically wrong answer to my questions

I hate logical or structural disorder

I seek clear address or specification of things

My favorite pass time
“doing nothing” is my favorite pass time
It is highly recreational and great meditation
During this I feel my body senses. My thoughts tend to not take “language form” instead it is visual and inside body senses and feelings

*I need myself alone with me for some time of the day*

My preferences
I enjoy reading or watching documentaries or news because it can provide factual data
I enjoy fiction only for “wow” excitement pulse to brain, but read ahead
I am extremely excited by stories like “Harry Potter”, for a creative and logically consistent story content

I love encyclopedic readings which mention how things evolved over a period
I love to read how things work type stuff

I like intellect

Having left alone with Internet, I end up reading at least 100 web pages in a day completely absorbed in my mind. I only read encyclopedic or scientific explanations that give me “wow” pulse for brain

Conflict and criticism
I avoid conflicts, it requires dealing with people; I would prefer avoiding dealing with people as first choice
In Russian roulette style conflicts I seek being quite and being factual

I confront strongly with people in my close circle; as such dealing with people has no issue
I am very sensitive to criticism

I am very expressive, overly bold to enter topics and extrovert for my inner circle
I can switch to extrovert by adding to the circle

My motto
I am not great player, but not having me in team is nightmare for competition

I try to maintain low profile often

My primary DISK profile
My adapted DISK profile (Adjustment to Work Environment)
Goal oriented
Spur of the moment

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