Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Is your best performer a leader?

 Is your best performer a leader?

Do you have a great performer? Pillar like performer?

Do you have a leader who can take us all there? To the right place?!

Is your best performer a leader?

If left to themselves for 3 months how do they perform? Can you visualize it?

If you don’t feel good, certainly haven’t coached them. Possibly their performance is driven by your instructions not lead by understanding they gained and leadership they attended.

If you have to tell them how to do it, still they are being trained in skills and not been able to figure out what they need to do as ground work.

The moment they don’t need any instructions after “what” is communicated, they are doing well.

Still you have to coach them as they are still managers.

They shall be able to find “what” needs to be done now. They shall decide that “what” and review with you on what even better way to validate their growth. This can only be attained if they have the understanding of the purpose, the “why” part.

It is you to bring this purpose to them.

You have a leader if they are driven by why they are doing something.

They will work out everything, including “what”, “when”, “who”, “how” with all constraints applicable. They will formulate great combinations, will draw multiple alternate plans, will consider risks, everything.

You are failure if you cannot groom leaders at every level.

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