Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How to choose Leader?

How to choose Leader?

How to choose Leader?
There is no formula for leader’s personality or style.
They come in all styles and personalities.

Significant contribution of leaders is towards others who are together for common goal.

To choose leader, see people around. See who is bringing change. These people may only be reactive to situation before they start bringing change. Pick these cherries.

One who is loud, on the pro act mostly need not be the real leader. People often mix personality type with leader’s role at a times. Leader in action will fulfill all acts as and when needed.

Single test of leader is see how he has done transforming from where he has come from.

Leader is like serial entrepreneur, from one transformation he moves to another, because he can’t live in with adjustments made to his and everyone’s life while being together.

Leaders show up. They are natural to come out and lead.
They are not designation to fill in.

So forget that you have new CEO or a President recruited to lead.
CEO or any other position has only greater influence and authority than the rest involved.
Person in the role may not be having any great leadership.

Will the person bring transformation for better or just doing something and trying something?

On other hand consider a junior designation may have been filled by a leader.
It is only the time that this talent will show up when people with him need to get rid of something or say achieve something.

Good leader will change things. He will change situation directly or change the people that changes the situation.

Leader can be visible or not, he may be directly acting or the people acting under influence of the new perspective.

People often make mistakes in evaluating a leader.
Popularity is wrong method to evaluate leader.
Matching type or complementing personality type also a wrong way to evaluate a leader.

Only test is, did leader made the transformation happen?

How by overcoming constraints, how he worked upon people, how did he utilized situational opportunities, how did he made people to achieve common goal, how did he setup and utilized internal dependency, how he worked upon limitations, how he made opportunity out of hopeless situation… every leader will do this.

Do you know someone who brings change in the situation he is in for everyone involved?

People may have favorable style or type for their Leader, but they are wrong to keep such criteria.

Do you need leader? Exactly why? What is to be changed? Why can’t you bring that change?
Everyone is leader at their level of capacity. OR situation is different that you may not be effective as you are hardwired in a certain ways as everyone else is. So it is OK to recruit a leader. This very act shows bringing change through your act.

“Leader Leads Change”, do not confuse to “Leader Leads People”. That’s why leader may not be visible upfront sometimes.

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