Friday, April 25, 2014

My Zycus Story

My Zycus Story

I joined Zycus, left it twice to join it third time. 
Now I am moved out again to work full time with Zycus spinoff Pebstone.

At Zycus, I managed to move their flagship AI technology to 100% Java as a System Designer.
I was Microsoft cult guy, I had never worked before on Java.

Immediately next I had to deliver yet another really big value at Zycus. I completely fulfilled organization’s algorithm needs.

I developed Artificial Intelligence systems at Zycus pretty well. AI is interesting field of science, I had no earlier exposure to it. My work made core of the Zycus products and its internal production systems.

... Text Classification, Text Clustering, Information Extraction and many other algorithms and shipped them as AI Engines that others will use in their Product or in Production Systems. Some products were only possible because technology I built.

I built many rock-solid stable, amazingly fast and scalable systems at Zycus during these early years.

Innovation remained my core motto.

The next challenge was to build top performing talents who are extraordinary technologist.
By this time I made my mind to focus on “Setup and Move Forward”.

I was extreme innovation oriented, extreme technology guy and extreme individual performer that time.
I changed in to something different very soon.

I made myself multiplied. I made myself redundant so I can move to next level of challenge. I transformed my resources into leaders at every level. I realized leader’s role as intense people centric during these times.

By building Agent based AI for Vendor Risk Analysis, Web Robots, Focused Crawling, highly Scalable Web Crawlers with concepts like scalable architectures with the next generation of talent. Best part is some could deliver fantastic technology independently without me needing any hand holding anymore.

Later as Principle Technical Architect I vision for technology needs of Zycus. This was possible with the team of young leadership at R&D.

I vision, Architect and implemented a world class SaaS infrastructure at Zycus. This is the yet another critical value I delivered at Zycus.

I influenced many thought transformations in the way software was developed at Zycus.

Introducing service oriented thinking, forced separation of Presentation from Business logic, Searched based architectures, and Document based systems. I chewed tons of criticism at lunch stemmed from change anxiety and peer issues. Change everybody hates, but is must.

Without people business or technology cannot move anywhere. Talent is absolute need. I focused to build culture of lead and perform. Investing in people development relentlessly. This is not easy task. Leadership is building leaders at every level.

Almost three years I led Pebstone startup phase with all functions, Propellum technology makeover and operating R&D HOD at Zycus simultaneously.

I worked as single man army on AI Algorithms for years alone. Extremely overloaded. Started getting part time assistance on general java app development due to work loads. That was after 5 years! From there a small team grew to convert “Algo Man’s” legacy to R&D Department in Zycus. That same small department become new company. R&D was split in 3 companies. Zycus R&D Dept, a brand new startup company based on innovation incubation and in Propellum to change the technology to take it to scalable business operations. With my movement to Pebstone, R&D Dept in Zycus is closed. The last two members are moving to Propellum.

With great fellow team members this journey was possible.

The greater fun part of the changing inside and transforming outside.
I transformed Zycus internally many times for various things silently. Before coming to Zycus I was MS guy.

I was working with Asterix Softech Ltd. A startup in its fourth year.

My biggest value to Asterix was building their first commercial product which was their dream.

Asterix was Java cult when I joined. I was C, C++ guy. I changed Asterix to MS Technology Company. I realized that their dream product is just not possible at that time with Java where they spent 4 years doing something. I vision and initiated change and drove it well. In the journey I learnt MS technology well.

Next was the Zycus which took me for C/C++ expertise, not for MS technology, led a critical java system design, I was Java novice then but changed myself to do Java well here very late.

Most my learning about technology and Architecture developed during days in Asterix.

I strongly believe core value of leader is the change he brings to everyday affair for himself and others involved.

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