Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Talk about rewriting software from scratch and business people will not like it.
They hate rewrite idea. If you try hard to convince them, soon they will start hating you. They will switch off, you.
Their rationale goes like this
    "We built it so over years spending so much.
    We cannot just let that trashed, there is great IP built into it."
    “The software was working to great extent as we experienced, it has been working so great for so many years, how is it becoming useless all of a sudden? We are just 90% there we just need 10% to cover up.”
You are correct, like an accountant.. and completely wrong as a technologist.
My advice:
    "this 10% will take same or more time than what it took to build first 90%."
What you have in hand is some system which is mediocre. Yes mediocre. You are so concerned to achieve that rest 10% impossible because it is built to be mediocre. The mediocre 90% achievement is not taking your business anywhere. It will not achieve rest 10% if it is not changed by removing this mediocre.
This is last mile problem, most struggle as they fail to understand the reality.
They will end up in stalemate.
Want 100% but not ready to change the 90% that preventing achieve the last 10%.
They will go round and round checking with multiple experts and wondering how this 90% can be so wasteful after it is so close to final state.
Time goes on...

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  1. Great thoughts. Its very challenging to convince them to rewrite the software. Your advice definitely help technical developers to put there thoughts positively. Thanks for sharing this.